1. The human brain operates on the same amount of power as 10 watt of light bulb.
2. Brain consists of 80% of water.
3. Till the age of 5 year old, brain grows most quickly.
4. Brain cells can’t be regenerated unlike the other body cells. Once brain cells get damaged,
they can’t be repaired.
5. Human brain can store about 10 terabytes of data.
6. Brain is surrounded by a fluid called cerebrospinal fluid.
7. Brain has two halves; each halves control the opposite side of the body.
8. Hippocampus is the part of brain which is responsible for the storage of memory.
9. Weight of the adult brain is only 2% of the body weight but it uses 20% of the body’s energy.
10. 20% of the oxygen we breathe is used by the brain.
11. Brain can be permanently if there will be lack of oxygen for more than 5 minutes.
12. Human brain develops up to age of 40.
13. Every time when our brain formed a memory, new brain connections are created.
14. Brains also have taste receptors.
15. Albert Einstein brain was stolen and kept in a jar for 20 years by the pathologist who
performed his autopsy.
16. Consistency of tofu and human brain is almost same.
17. Theta brain waves, which enhance relaxation, can be increased by the smell of chocolate.
18. When we are drunk, brain loses the ability to form memory.
19. The risk brain tumour gets increased when someone uses mobile phone for long time
20. Chronic lack of sleep damages brain in many ways.
21. Brain treats rejection like physical pain.
22. Brain cells take 6 minutes to react to the alcohol.
23. The structure of brain gets change every time when we learn new thing.
24. Male brains are about 10% larger in volume than the female brains.
25. Music also triggers the brain structure which releases Dopamine called the pleasure
chemical which is released in the brain during sex, eating.
26. Newborns have the maximum number of brain cells.
27. 50% of the total glucose supply is used by a baby’s brain, that’s why babies sleep so much.
28. Human brain composed of 100 billions of neurons and trillions of other cells.
29. Recovering from break up has the effect in the brain like kicking a drug addiction.
30. Brains don’t have pain receptors so it can’t feel pain.
31. Human intelligence increased by 20 IQ points in the last 70 years.
32. Brain size can shrink due to lack of sleep.
33. Meditation changes the brain structure, eight week of continuous meditation enhance the
memory, concentration, intelligence; reduce stress, anxiety, depression.
34. Brain changes it structure physically like our muscles according to our demand of work.
35. Among all the vertebrates, human brain is the largest as compared with the body size.
36. Sweating for 90 minutes shrink out brain volume temporarily as much as one year ageing of
brain does it.
37. Brain is the fattiest organ of our body, 60% of the dry weight of brain is comprised of fat.
38. Without cholesterol the brain cells will die. Cholesterol is the integral part of every brain cell.
Brain contain 25% of the whole body’s cholesterol.
39. A single neuron can transmit around 1000 nerve impulse per second.

40. An average brain generates around 65000 thoughts per day.
41. Only 13 milliseconds brain need to process an image which is seen by our eyes.
42. Albert Einstein’s brain was 10% smaller than the average human brain but the neuron
density in his brain is much greater than the average human brain.
43. Chronic stress and anxiety affect the brain to shrink its size.
44. Omega 3- fatty acid is most essential nutrient for brain; lack of omega 3- fatty acid causes
the shrinking of brain volume equivalent to two years of brain aging.
45. Our brain cannot concentrate at two things at a same time.
46. Connective tissue at the end of neurons can be damage by excessive alcohol consumption.
47. When a part of the brain is surgically removed, patient shows no effect on personality or
48. As fingerprints, the connectivity of brain is also unique.
49. Brain of introvert is different from extrovert; introvert’s brains have more gray matter and
extrovert brain have more dopamine reward network.
50. The memory capacity of human brain is around quadrillion bytes, which is equivalent to me
memory of entire internet.
51. Human brain is still 30 times more powerful than the world most powerful supercomputer.
52. Almost 95% of the decisions take place in subconscious part of human mind.
53. There is a “second brain” in human intestine that contains about 100 million neurons; it also
produce 30 neurotransmitters including serotonin also called as happy molecules.
54. Apple users and Android users have some changes in one of the brain part. In MRIs it is
found that the part called “god spot” in the brain which is responsible for religious imagery
and superstition is more activated by the apple product uses.
55. There are some evidences which show the sign of successful brain surgeries in Stone Age.
56. Sperm whales have the largest size of brain which weight around 20 pounds.
57. Human brain starts getting smaller when we are getting older, it starts from middle age.
58. Brains cells can only survive on oxygen and glucose.
59. Yawning helps brain to cool down and temperature of brain rises due to stress, anxiety, over
working, less sleep.
60. Human brain is more active during the sleep.
61. Human brain is the only organ in the body that lack nerve.

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