1. Crypts of the Egyptian pharaohs are not located inside the pyramids, as many mistakenly believe, but not far from them, in the Valley of the Kings.
2. According to one of the theories, the mathematical “lever principle” helped to build the majestic pyramids of the Egyptians. But, at the same time, it would be possible to build the pyramid of Cheops in this way for a century and a half. Then it appeared in just two decades. The riddle!
pyramid of Cheops – Interesting facts about the Egyptian Pyramids
3. According to scientists from Germany, the pyramids are very powerful energy generators. In them, the pharaohs became healthier and engaged in energy therapy.
4 . One of the most popular theories of the appearance of the Egyptian pyramids are the following. The first: huge monuments of architecture were built by aliens. Second: people who possessed a magic crystal moved and stacked stone blocks on each other.
The alien built the pyramids of Egypt – Interesting facts about the Egyptian Pyramids
5. Another mystery of the Egyptian pyramids concerns the time of construction of the two largest of them. Why did the Egyptians build them in two stages, which made them stop building for the first time?
6. Egyptian pyramids were built about two centuries in a row. While one was being built, another one was emerging on the sands.
7. To date, the age of the pyramids of Egypt is about 4 to 10 thousand years (according to different scientists).
8. Interesting facts about the Egyptian pyramids concern the peculiarities of laying their huge blocks. It’s amazing how you could arrange large stones so that even human hair does not pass between them? In this case, each face of the pyramids is located strictly in the direction of one side of the world.
Exact blocks of the pyramid of Egypt – Interesting facts about the Egyptian Pyramids
9. The height of the largest Egyptian pyramid of Cheops is 146.6 meters, weight – more than 6 million tons. The area of ??this giant is about 5 hectares.
10. On the walls of the pyramids are depicted numerous scenes of their construction. If you believe the legends, the pyramids were built by free people, and not slaves at all.
11. The sides of the Egyptian pyramids were built with one meter arched. This technique allowed you to focus on the pyramids of sunlight at the time of the solstice and to heat the walls to 1000 degrees. Pyramids at the same time began to publish a frightening and incomprehensible to people of the past time rumble.
12. The faces of the Cheops Pyramid are less than 5 centimeters apart. And this – with a length of 250 meters each.
The Limits of the Cheops Pyramid – Interesting Facts about the Egyptian Pyramids
13. The foundation of the Cheops pyramid is perfectly flat.
14. The first Egyptian pyramid is the pyramid of Djoser. Its height is 62 meters. The pyramid was built in 2670 BC. Outwardly it resembles several pyramids with decreasing size, placed next to each other. The architect of the pyramid, Josir Imhotep, developed a special way of laying a stone, which made it possible to achieve this effect.
pyramid of Djoser – Interesting facts about the Egyptian Pyramids
15. The Cheops pyramid consists of 2.3 million stone blocks matched to each other with mathematical precision.
16. The walls of the pyramids in Giza – the embodiment of the mathematical number “pi”. They rise at an angle of 52 degrees. It is in this case that the ratio of the height and perimeter of the base of the pyramid is equal to the ratio of the diameter of the circle to its length.
The walls of the pyramids in Giza – the Sphinx and the pyramids – Interesting facts about the Egyptian Pyramids
17. Today, archaeologists have unearthed the settlement of the people who built the Egyptian pyramids. In the village of the ancient centuries there was a brewery, a bakery and even a fish drier.
18. The Egyptian tradition of building the pyramids was later adopted by the ancient rulers of Sudan.


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