1. My main role with Young Enterprise is as a trainer for the South East Area team. This consists of delivering 200+ programmes in local schools locally. In addition to this my role is to engage with the local business community and seek support for the programmes.
2. My role involves working with various stakeholders, whether it be a council, another charity, a host of volunteers from many different types of organisations. The most important stakeholder I work with from a business education charity is schools. My role isn’t to only fulfil my obligations to learners, but also to the schools that pay for my services. To do that I set professional and personal boundaries. For example, when arranging a programme, I will make sure every entity is aware of the timings and logistics well in advance.
When working with other professionals there are boundaries e.g. on local council level programme I would be working in a teaching capacity. I would not see my role as something which is part of another professional’s role such as arranging ‘European programme funding’.
3. Trainers must take protective measures and the rules of the code of practice is a good way to do this. As a trainer, I am a visible example for the pupils therefore I can set the standard showing no discrimination (The Equality Act) and also keeping to the schools code of practice. E.g. dress code and not being late.
The legislations that specifically affect my role
• Copyright Designs & Patents Act – As I represent a charity, I have a responsibility to ensure I don’t breach copyright when designing the content of my programmes. Either audio or videos. I also have a responsibility over the content that my charity has generated and make sure it isn’t in the public domain.
• The Data Protection Act – defines the processes in which information about people is handled. In my role I need to process people data e.g. ‘Access NI’ in order to approve them for schools work. This law protects individuals that I work with against misuse or abuse of information that my office would processes.
In addition to these legislature commitments, my role see me meeting the demands of Health and Safety regulations when organising events that Young Enterprise organise, but also in my day to day office practise.
4. It is important to me as a trainer for Young Enterprise to promote a positive learning environment in which pupils have their needs met. See Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs diagram. For pupils to reach high level learning and reach the level of Esteem or Self Actualisation. Their basic needs of feeling safe, warm and personal space need to be met primarily. If I am out in a school, these basic requirements fall under their responsibility.

Here are some examples of how I like to create a supportive learning environment for pupils
• Use pair work, as well as small-group activities. Provide ways for pupils to form connections with others they wouldn’t interact with as much.
• I bring in guest speakers to connect pupils with people in the community.
• Ensure that pupils experience success from the beginning so their experience is a positive one. Using an icebreaker that the pupils can easily do is a great tactic I always employ e.g. name & fruit game.

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