1.2: Explain who should be involved in the organisation of customer service delivery
All employees of Dee Atkinson & Harrison, across all branches should be involved in the organisation of customer service delivery, this is because if a potential client of our Saleroom in Driffield was recommended by a member of staff from the Beverley office, the manner in which they were treated would reflect on the rest of the company. All employees should be involved in giving the best customer service possible. Creating a customer focused culture would have a huge impact on the business through employee retention and customer loyalty.
1.3: Explain the importance of differentiating between customers’ wants, needs and expectations
A customers’ needs are different to their wants and expectations, for example people need food, water and shelter to survive, they do not ‘need’ anything unless it is required by law, it would be unlawful to not issue a refund if someone has a legible reason to return an item, however if they simply do not want the item anymore then since they agreed to the auctioneers’ margin scheme we are not legally required to refund the purchase. A customers’ want is the desire for products or services that are not necessary but which customers wish for, for example holding onto their items for an extended period of time or agreeing to a different buyers’ premium than stated on our conditions of business. Excellent customer service and high customer satisfaction must start with understanding customer expectations. You need to know who your customers are and what they want. When measuring customer satisfaction, companies generally ask customers whether their product or service has met or exceeded expectations.

1.4: Explain different ways of segmenting customer groups
There are a few ways to segment different customer groups, an example of this at Dee Atkinson ; Harrison is that on our mailing list, we categorise customers based on their interests. So, we would include anyone with an interest in motorbikes and classic cars to our mailing list which is aimed at promoting and advertising the sale of classic automobilia by auction. You can also segment customers based on numerous other factors, such as age, income, gender, interests and spending habits. A reason for doing this is because a different demographic of persons may be more relevant to a certain type of sale than another. We could use income, interests and spending habits to categorise purchasers to include them in our antique sale mailing list, we could send complimentary catalogues to the ‘big spenders’.
1.5: Explain how customer segmentation is used in organising customer service delivery
When it comes to interacting with customer service, your customers will choose the channels with which they are most comfortable and provides them with the best customer experience. Some of our customers choose to purchase from the office of the saleroom, make a phone call, email or write a letter, others may wish to simply purchase online via the saleroom.com. All customers are segmented into categories and you must address their customer service needs accordingly. Divide your customer base into groups of individuals that are similar in specific ways relevant to your target markets, such as gender, age, interests, spending behaviour, etc. Customer segmentation will allow you to target specific groups of customers effectively. Recognizing the different types of customers you have is an important part of creating a successful customer experience program containing strategies that result in a personalized experience for each segment.
1.6: Explain how to analyse the “customer journey’.
The customer journey can be defined as follows: “The complete sum of experiences that customers go through when interacting with your company and brand. Instead of looking at just a part of a transaction or experience, the customer journey documents the full experience of being a customer.” At Dee, Atkinson & Harrison this would be everything from the first initial phone call/email from a vendor to them receiving the cheque through post or BACS payment. For a purchaser this would be everything from registering to our sales, to the removal of items in our saleroom aided by a porter. A way Dee, Atkinson & Harrison analyses one of the is using Google Analytics on our company website which offers a wealth of useful data about how people are interacting with the website. Careful and thoughtful data analysis can determine where problems are arising in our customers’ journeys, and highlight areas where our site is currently working well. Another helpful tool displays the “Exit Rates”, which means that when a user reaches a key page on our website, such as a category page, we ideally want them to proceed towards the related page(s). However, if the content they land on doesn’t meet their needs, for example, because crucial details are not being explained or the next action required of the user is unclear, then they may leave the site and go elsewhere.

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