1., Prove that Simon Birch is the hero of movie.
There are many movies around the world with a hero willing to sacrifice themselves or something for the sake of others. In the movie “Simon Birch”, Simon is the hero of the film because of the actions he makes in the film. Simon is a hero because at the beginning of the film, Joe says “Simon is the reason why I believe in God”, which shows that he gave Joe and the kids on the bus faith and courage. He made Joe believe in God because after the incident on the bus, it was a miracle rescue and showed Joe that God does, indeed give you faith and determination if you believe. Furthermore, Simon is the hero of the film because even though he had a disease that made him small, he showed people that you can still do great things if you have faith and hope. Also, when Joe ran away in tears, Simon was their to comfort him and make him feel happy, which shows that he treats people kindly; this is what a hero would do. Moreover, Simon is the hero because when he killed Rebecca, he came to tears and was apologizing to God at the bridge. More importantly, after Rebecca’s death, he decided to give up his Baseball cards, which was his most favourite thing in the world to Joe; this showed he wanted to own up for a mistake he couldn’t fix but try to make it better. Another essential point, was when the bus driver drove off the cliff, and landed in the lake, everyone was panicking but in the middle of the panicking, Simon stood up and calmed everyone one down, directing a rescue. Equally important, Simon then realized that their was still one kid on the bus and goes back for him, and does a tremendous effort getting the kid out but the bus flounders. These points show that Simon truly was a hero. Also, Simon is the hero because a hero can never be a hero if they don’t overcome challenges and everything comes easy to them Lastly, Simon is the hero of the film because he talks about him being God’s instrument and plods through life until he really does become recognized as a hero at the end of the book. As you can see, Simon made people truly believe and showed what a martyr really is, and that God has a mission for everyone and plan, just like his mission; saving the kids from the bus. The film “Toy Story” is similar, as the producers of the film use a hero in the movie who is willing to sacrifice everything he has for others. The main character “Woody”, was the hero of the film because when Rex thought Andy was going to replace him or someone else, Woody gave them hope, and reassured them, that no one was going to be replaced. Furthermore, when Buzz was introduced, Woody felt jealous and angry about him being cool around the other toys but that all changed when they got captured by Sid Phillips. This all changed when Woody realized there’s no point since they are both Toys and instead of putting Buzz down, he encouraged him and gave him faith to fight back and escape through the window. Also, Woody is similar to Simon, because he grows to learn to be a better friend and toy. He eventually saves Buzz from being destroyed just like Simon, thusly proving he is a hero. In addition, Woody is similar to Simon because he has a moral conundrum and overcomes it. Complementary to this, Simon sacrificed himself for others just like, when Jen agreed to go with Woody, to Andy. Her father Foxy disagreed but Woody still took her with him, enraged him causing him to jump out in the way of Jen to stop her from being hurt, which ended up cutting Woody’s arm open. Lastly, Simon is similar to Woody because when Buzz felt like he was just some stupid’s child play toy, he had already built huge expectations for himself, only to see them shattered but then Woody came in just like Simon and Joe, and gave Buzz faith, that he wasn’t just some toy and was better than a human. Overall, there are many films around the world with a hero sacrificing themselves or doing something for the sake of others such as the film Simon Birch, which is similar to the movie “Toy story”.


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