1. World there are about 4,500 varieties of cockroaches in the world.
2. Only 30 species of cockroaches are considered as pests.
3. If a cockroach is cut off, it will live and breathe freely for a fairly long time.
4. cockroaches have strong teeth with which they can eat almost anything.
5. Cockroaches do not breathe through the nose, or rather they breathe through the whole body.
6. American cockroach – the fastest cockroach in the world. For one minute it can overcome the distance equal to 45 meters.
7. cockroaches serve as an excellent soil fertilizer for plants.
8. Cockroach can see in all directions.
9. Cockroaches can live without food for more than a month.
10. Cockroach can tolerate huge dose of radiation 10 times more than a person can withstand.
11. Most of their life cockroaches spend in hibernation.
12. The average cockroach lives no more than 12 months.
13. Cockroach can live without a head for 6 hours.
14. cockroaches have teeth in their stomach also.
15. cockroaches living on earth for past 250 million years.
16. Earlier, cockroaches were even used as a cure for diseases, they were added to vodka.
17. It was believed that the cockroaches in the house brings wealth.
18. There is an opinion that in the case of a nuclear explosion, only cockroaches will survive on the planet.
19. Megaloblatta longipennis is the longest cockroach in the world and lives in Central and South America.
20. Megaloblatta longipennis is the only cockroach to which wings serve not only as a shell, but also allow it to fly.
21. If a cockroach fell on its back there it will die eventually because it cannot turn back again.
22. Cockroaches carry different types of bacteria that can make human sick.
23. Cockroaches hear from hairs on their legs.
24. Cockroaches can even run on the two legs.
25. Cockroaches can hold breathe for more than 40 minutes.
26. It prefers to live in groups.
27. Cockroaches sends signals to the other cockroaches when they see lots of food, they share food with others.
28. Female cockroaches not always require male for reproduction, because they store enough sperms for lifetime at the time of first mating.
29. Cockroaches are edibles in China, it is deep fried and sold as food in China.
30. German cockroach can grow to adult in just 140 days.
31. Only Japanese cockroach can survive the cold weather.
32. Cockroaches are probably the most adaptive species on the earth, they can survive in almost all conditions.
33. Cockroach have about 18 knees.
34. Cockroaches are attracted to the alcohol.
35. There is a species of cockroach that makes hissing sound, it is called Madagascar Hissing Cockroach.
36. There was a species of cockroach that glows.
37. Cockroach running is the popular event in Australia, several cockroaches run in a box and people bet money on the winner cockroach.
38. The heart of a cockroach consists of only a tube with several valves.
39. Cockroaches that tolerate the 900 times more weight than their body weight.
40. There are about 2,000 lenses in the cockroach’s eye.
41. Cockroach can even bite the human.
42. Cockroaches are nocturnal creature.
43. Cockroaches have brain though it is so small but they do have.
44. Cockroach mother sometimes carries eggs on their back for their whole life.
45. “Blattaria” is the scientific name of cockroach.
46. Cockroach cannot see in red colour but can see in green light.
47. The life span of cockroach can be from months to years.
48. Scientists performed some experiments which shows that cockroaches can be trained.
49. Research shows that cockroach begin everyday as a new day, they have no past memories.
50. Cockroach farming is popular in China.
51. Cockroaches cannot walk backwards.
52. For communicating with each other, they use tactile and chemicals.
53. Cockroaches gives off methane, even 6 hours after death they release methane.
54. Cockroaches also feel loneliness like humans, they can even get sick if left alone for long.
55. Cockroaches are found everywhere except on Antarctica.
56. Cockroaches also shed their skin as they become adult.
57. A cockroach can produce 50 offspring at once.
58. Cockroach prefer moist environment; their survival is difficult in dry areas.
59. The breathing of cockroach is not under control of its brain.
60. Madagascar hissing cockroach don’t have wings.


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