1. Which of the following best explain why human resource management is important to all managers?
A. Investing in human capital enables managers to achieve positive results for the firm
B. Technological changes and global competition require clear organization charts
C. Sophisticated accounting controls are supported by human resource managers
D. An enthusiastic labour force is likely to provide financial support to local unions

2. In most organizations, human resource managers are categorized as ________, who assist and advice _________ in areas like recruiting, hiring, and compensation.
A. Line managers; middle managers
B. Functional managers; staff managers
C. Staff managers; line managers
D. Line managers; staff managers

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3. What is the first step in the basic planning process?
A. Evaluating the possible alternatives
B. Comparing options
C. Setting an objective
D. Implementing a course of action

4. An HR plan should be focused on:
A. Future employee supply and employer demand
B. The organization’s strategic and operational plans
C. Direct and indirect labour and management costs
D. The annual financial position of the organization

5. When HRM is focused on employee recreation and employee maintenance:
A. It is fulfilling the important roles in organizations for which it was created
B. It will be primarily concerned to see that employment legislation is implemented
C. It will ensure that employees are highly motivated and rewarded fairly
D. It is regarded as a cost and largely irrelevant to the success of the business

6. Which of the following best describes HRM
A. The focus of human resource management (HRM) is on managing people within the employer-employee relationship
B. The focus of HRM is on achieving an organization’s goals by using its employees efficiently
C. HRM is concerned with having the right people in the right place at the right time
D. HRM is a set of activities relating to the coordination of an organization’s human resources

Section b
Outline and discuss factors to consider when designing retention strategy.
Discuss the various methods of job analysis?b)

Describe the external sources of recruitment?c)

Explain the methods of evaluation of selection?


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